Thursday 10 February 2022

Conan the Barbarian - Heritage Models Inc


I posted this mini onto the Lost Minis WIKI in its undercoated state back in 2007. Thought it might be about time to finally get it painted! At truly nice figure, probably sculpted by Max Carr who sculpted most of the Heritage Models Inc gaming minis along with Duke Siefried. I recently started frothing about Max Carr's later (2011) Barony Miniatures medieval range... unfortunately now long gone and only viewable in part by using Wayback Machine (a brilliant resource!)  If you have any Barony minis to sell / trade / donate please let me know!

There is a nice range of 25mm as well...


Images of a lot of the 25mm range are here;

They had a 'World of Conan' supplement for their 'Swordbearer' role playing game... neither of which, to my shame, are in my collection.

The full range is available once again from Michael Thomas over at Classic Miniatures - he bought the moulds and casting rights some years back and, through a real labour of love, is bringing these classics back to life.

A lot of earlier Heritage blog posts are here.

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