Saturday 5 February 2022

Soldiers from Solder - Dave Hutchins - August 1984 Military Modelling


Dave Hutchins sculpted for Miniature Figurines, Finecast, Heroics & Ros and Asgard Miniatures to name a few back then... interesting article from Military Modelling I came across whilst searching for something else... it's impossible to flick through old hobby magazines without becoming enthralled by an article you'd forgotten! Tools he used were soldering irons, Stanley knives and swiss files... I think we've been spoilt since the advent of Milliput and Green stuff type epoxies. If anyone has any more info on what Dave has done since then please let me know. Mostly 15mm from what I gather...

Hi res scans hopefully ok to read... scanner is playing up so a quick job turned into forever mode... grrrrr.

If anyone knows who released the elves please let me know. I would dearly love a set.

Finished a couple of old Citadel minis as well... insomnia due to going on the wagon has its advantages it seems!

The eyes on the barbarian were a real dog with fleas... the left one was quite quick but the one on the right was nigh on impossible... face is an interesting sculpt which didn't help. 


One of the old C35 Knights of Chaos. Sword arm had broken at the shoulder... I repaired it some years back, I think it was a spot of lead (Nurgle?) rot. Fingers crossed it'll stay healthy now...


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Tiberian general said...

In 1973 my Dad got me a monthly subscription to Military modelling for a couple of years, which was the must read on military modelling and wargame hobby matters from 1971 until about 2001, I kept the subscription going when I started work. Sadly by 2001 it had lost what I wanted out of my hobby. Thanks for posting this bit of nostalgia.
Keep up the posting on your excellent blog, always worth a visit for a good read.