Tuesday 22 February 2022

Peter Laing 15mm Catalogue - possibly 1980?


Well, as the title suggests... I think it's from 1980 but could be wrong. Quite a growth from when he started in 1972. I do remember sending off for a sample figure back in the early to mid 70's (self stamped addressed envelope and a postal order etc)... the mini I received was 'interesting' to my young eyes... indeed I had no idea what had been sent and it put me off metals for a while. Shame as now I would love to have some examples. Lots of excellent blogs out there for collectors of his pieces. They do come up on eBay etc regularly but are soon snapped up.

Edit... found the little nugget... can't remember what year/month/mag it was from but does anyone else know what happened after this?

Some excellent blog articles below - please let me know if I've missed any etc and I'll add them.

A few images I've gathered on the internet/eBay... not sure who the original owner is anywhere so full kudos to them and, if any objection I will remove of course. Only here for illustrative purposes.

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Marc said...

blimey, good old peter laing.

my brother and I bought no end of his ECW I seem to remember - and painted almost none of them!
Long gone.

Ian Dury said...

Thanks for sharing! - I have the same catalogue copy myself
I will cross-post a link to your blog in our Peter Laing MeWe community